MindPool is a specialised advisory firm serving the Auto Finance Industry

Founded in 2013, the firm is led by a team of professionals with significant international experience in automotive and retail banking sectors

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In challenging times, financial institutions need to constantly adjust their behaviour, their strategies and their operations.

MindPool is a boutique advisory firm, fully focussed on all kinds of financial services connected with cars, respectively car purchase. We already successfully mastered a huge range of projects regarding.

We prove our capabilities...

  • Financial services strategies & implementation
  • Used car and used car finance strategies & implementation
  • Quick hit solution projects
  • Control & Report implementation
  • New product implementation (with international benchmark)
  • CRM optimisation
  • Process optimisations
  • Automation projects
  • Risk mitigation projects
  1. New
  2. Used
  1. External
  2. Internal
  1. Deal
  2. Application
  1. 15%-30%
  2. 30%-40%
  3. above 40%


Business — and especially car sales business — is always a mixture of analytics, innovation and emotion. We always approach our projects from all of those angles.

Process analytics we approach with in depth SixSigma analysis and use a big variety of tools, especially developed to tackle car sales and car finance questions.

Huge international experience in the field of F&I puts us in the position to not only theoretically master the challenge but also execute towards the success.

Your Success Is Our Business

Michael FrommFounder and Inspirer

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Increasing car sales is the main target for each car distributor and each captive bank. Product features, process performance, sales approach, technology and speed are the basic drivers for success. MindPool has a huge track record in helping distributors and captives to prosper. Here we deliver all kinds of services.

Test our drive...

  • Setting up financial services organisation for distributors
  • Strategy development
  • Product development & implementation support
  • F&I Process implementation
  • Training development
  • Innovation development
  1. New
  2. Used
Market share
  1. C2C Used cars
  2. B2C Used cars
  3. New cars
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One of the keys to success factors in the future for car sales as well as for financial services sales is the perfect integration of both oft he disciplines. Up to now, processes and approaches are mainly manual and everything but integrated.

MindPool “Sales Support System” is a web-based solution, to support the sales- and financial services staff in car dealerships within and throughout the sales process. Target is to increase the sales of cars and the sales of financial services products.


“MindPool helped us in 2013, to lift our car lending business to a completely new level of success. Approach, integrity and hunger for success had been impressive”

Artem YazykovMetcombank

“Innovation to me is one of the biggest assets of MindPool. Always creating new, promising ideas to drive the success and to keep the distance to the competition”

Maria MalkovskayaCEO Intouch Insurance

“I work together with MindPool since they started in Russia. In multiple car lending projects they have proven to me, that they are unique and ahead of their competition in their particular sphere”

Sergey BudkinCEO Finpoint

Michael Fromm Founder

  • + 18 years experience in Automotive Banking Management
  • + 15 years experience in Retail Banking Management
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • International experience
  • Set up Mitsubishi Motors Finance in Russia
  • Set up a captive leasing company for Renault trucks in Germany

Robert LawPartner

  • + 20 years of retail & automotive banking background
  • Former member of the Board of Rolf GC — one of the biggest car sales organizations in Russia
  • Former CEO of GE Money Bank in Germany
  • Former CEO of Middle East & Africa for Citibank
  • Senior Executive in GE
  • Led Rolf GC through the tough waters of the financial crisis
  • Led GE Money Bank to significant success in profit and volumes
  • Developed countless F&I car sales success approaches

Anthony SaccaPartner

  • + 20 years experience in auto and consultancy business
  • Former CFO and Board member of Rolf GC — one of the biggest car sales organizations in Russia
  • Former Partner of PwC in Russia
  • International experience
  • Strategic setup of Rolf GC throughout the crises time
  • Led the company back on the success road
  • Countless successful consultancy assignments in his role in PwC